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8U Rules

RULES for 2023 SFC Jared C. Monti Memorial 8U Tournament: July 27th - July 30th 2023

RYBSA Complex: 687 Pleasant St. Raynham, MA 02767

General Rules:

  • RYBSA will provide two game balls for each game. Each team will be responsible for any additional balls needed (game balls must have the Cal Ripken or Little League stamp).
  • The RYBSA complex is an alcohol and tobacco-free facility, this includes the use of vapes. Anyone found to be violating this policy is subject to ejection from the complex for the duration of the tournament.
  • All team members, parents and spectators agree to adhere to the RYBSA Code of Conduct, available at
  • All teams should be present 30 minutes before the start of their game and provide the other team a line-up card no less than 10 minutes before the game starts.
  • Any team that forfeits a game for any reason will not be allowed to participate in the elimination round and shall not be invited back for at least one (1) year.
  • The team manager is responsible for the conduct of their players and fans. Unreasonable or unsportsmanlike conduct may be cause for expulsion of the tournament at the discretion of the RYBSA Board of Directors and said team will not be invited back.

The Monti Tournament is pool play format with all teams scheduled to play three games. The teams are divided into 4 pools: Army, Navy, Marines, and Airforce.  

The top two teams in each pool (as determined by overall win/loss record) will advance to the next round. A wild card is determined by overall record, and in case of a tie the following will be used as a tiebreaker:

1. Head-to-Head record

2. Runs against

3. Run Differential, capped at 10 runs per game for final scoring purpose

4. Coin-Flip

Game Play Rules:

  • No new inning can begin after 1 hour, 45 minutes. There is no time limit for the elimination games & championship game.
  • The time of the game will start with the first pitched ball of the game. The home plate umpire will keep the time.
  • Four outfielders may play the outfield for each team. 
  • Home Team decided by Coin Flip prior to game for all pool play games (dugouts are listed on the game schedule)
  • Slide or Avoid is in effect. A player must slide or avoid contact with a player attempting to make a tag. This is a judgment call by the umpire(s) and the umpire may provide a verbal warning at his discretion.
  • Head First Sliding is not allowed. The runner will be called out and the ball is dead. A runner may dive back to a base.
  • Sliding into first base is an out.
  • Infield Fly Rule is not in effect.
  • Run Limits – Teams are limited to 5 runs per inning except for the final inning or when a game goes to extra innings. Note that the final inning may not be the 6th due to previously mentioned time limits.
  • Mercy Rule – A 10 run lead after 4 innings (3 ½ if the home team is leading) – INCLUDES PLAYOFFS
  • Players must have been 8 or younger as of April 30, 2023.
  • Mounding – runners ½ way get base, general vicinity of mound = mounded. Umpires' discretion as this is a judgment call.

Pitching Rules: 

  • No pitcher is allowed to pitch more than 3 innings per game, 6 innings per day, and 12 innings total for the entire tournament.
  • Pitching sheets will be turned in after every game, if a player pitches over max (game, day, tournament total), that team will automatically lose game by forfeit.
  • No re-substitution. Once you remove a pitcher, he may play any position in the field but cannot return to the mound.
  • A second trip by the Manager or a Coach in the same inning requires the pitcher be removed from pitching.
  • A pitcher must be removed from pitching if he hits 3 batters in one inning or 4 in one game. He cannot re-enter as a pitcher until the next game.
  • Pitchers will get 6 warm-up pitches between innings.
  • A pitcher brought in during the middle of an inning will get 8 warm-up pitches.
  • Curveballs are not allowed. The first attempt will be called a ball. A second attempt will result in the removal of the pitcher from the game. It is at the umpire’s discretion if the manager shall be removed as well (if pitches are being called from the dugout).
  • Balks will not be called.

Batting Rules:

USAbat Baseball designation must be displayed on the bat (no other weight or diameter restrictions)  

  • Continuous batting order of all rostered players is in effect.
  • Field players are permitted to have free substitution and are not limited in the number of times they can re-enter. There will be no changes to the batting order.
  • Each player must play 6 defensive outs in the field unless the game is shortened due to weather or the mercy rule.
  • Bunting is allowed. Slash bunting is not allowed and will result in an automatic out and the ball is dead. A slash is determination at the umpire’s discretion.
  • Cheering for teams is permitted. However, excessive chanting or cheering for the sole purpose of distracting the other team is not good sportsmanship and is prohibited. Violation of this rule is solely determined by the umpire’s judgment.
  • Players must have appeared in at least 2 of the 3 preliminary games in order to participate in the playoffs.
  • Trophies will be awarded to the champion and runner-up.
  • Base stealing is unlimited to second and third base.
  • Runners may leave the base once the ball hits the catcher’s mitt or hits the ground or goes past the catcher.
  • Runners may advance on overthrows to a base or to the pitcher. Overthrow to the pitcher is when a ball goes behind the pitching rubber.
  • Runners may attempt to advance to home plate ONCE per inning, per team on a pass ball, wild pitch or a steal; successful or not.

Game Stars:

  • Each team will select a player from the other team for player of the game. They will present a used game ball in a cube that RYBSA will provide.

8U Skills Competition: SATURDAY MORNING July 29th from 8am - 9:30am (If playing Thursday or Friday night your skills will be before or after your game).

·        Base Running on Field 2 (4 per team)

·        Home Run Derby (Coach pitched) on Field 1 (4 per team)

·        Accurate Throw on Football Field (4 per team). If you have more than 12 players, then the extra players may participate in the most accurate throwing competition.

No player shall participate in more than one skill. All skills must be completed before opening ceremonies

All teams should be ready by 10:00 AM on Saturday for opening ceremonies. The Opening Ceremony will start at 10:15am.


  • The top 2 teams from each division make playoffs.
  • The division winners will make up the 1-4 seeds and the remaining 4 teams will make up the 4-8 seeds based on the above tiebreakers. No 2nd place team will be ranked ahead of a 1st place team.
  • The winners of each quarter-final game will advance to the semi-finals. The winners of those games will advance to the Tournament championship. There is no time limit on the championship game.
  • The Tournament Director(s) reserves the right to make any changes deemed necessary to the schedule or field at any point over the tournament without consultation. HOME TEAM WILL BE THE TEAM WITH THE LOWER SEED.
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