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The T-Ball Division is an introductory league comprised of 4 and 5 year olds year olds (as of April 30 of the "season" year). The intent of the league is to introduce baseball and a fun, positive and non-competitive environment. No score is kept and coaches stress fundamentals and sportsmanship. The league utilizes a batting tee so as to ensure that all players are able to make contact. During each inning every player on the team bats regardless of the number of outs during the inning. Coaches are on the field during play. Teams practice one night during the week before the season kicks off at Field 1 and play one game during the week and another on Saturday. 


Coaches pitch in this developmental league for boys and girls age 5 and 6. Games are typically played during the week with one game on Saturday afternoons.  Emphasis is on the fundamentals of the game with kids playing all the positions.   Innings are over when three outs are made. A continuous batting order is employed.  For many children the Farm League is their entry point to baseball.  Scores are not kept at this level.  This age-group division ensures a higher quality of instruction and play for youngsters in both groups, and the introduction of age-appropriate skills.

Lower-Minors (National League)

As a progression from Farm to a more age appropriate skill set, Lower-Minors introduces the kids to peer pitching.  Kids pitch from 40 or 46 feet depending on their capability.  This league is for 7 and 8 year olds.  Lower-Minors games are six full innings and kids pitch three of those innings.  Scores and standings are not kept at this level.  Teams are put together by the division director in order to ensure as much parity as possible.

Upper-Minors (American League)

Upper-Minors introduces the kids to the competitive game of baseball.  For the first time, scores and standings are kept.  Kids pitch the entire six inning game.  Pitching is from 46 feet.  Stealing is allowed as well so new strategies are learned.  A continuous batting order is still employed.  This league is primarily for kids 9-10.  Teams are selected via a draft and typically play fourteen games plus playoffs.  In addition, there is an intra-league All-Star game in which the top performing players from all American League teams are chosen to participate. At this level, all teams make the playoffs and are seeded based on their regular season finish.  Playoffs are single elimination.


Majors are for kids 11-12 and a continuous batting order is used.  This is the most competitive of RYBSAs baseball divisions.  Pitching is from 50 feet.  Balks are called on pitchers and stealing is allowed before the ball is pitched. There are normally around 20 games during the regular season and all teams make the double elimination playoffs.  Teams are selected via coaches draft.

Babe Ruth

Babe Ruth league is for players 13 to 16 and uses a continuous batting order.  Babe Ruth utilizes a standard 60' 6" pitching rubber and 90 base paths. 

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