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The Barnstormer League  founded in cooperation by Sharon and Norfolk, has been formed with the purpose of being a no - cut, semi-competitive league for any players not already rostered on a higher level travel team.

Contact Information:

For a complete list of coach's names, phone numbers, and email addresses for the 2011 season, click here.  The Link to the Barnstormer website is below


Barnstormer League Rules :

Check the websites for updates 


  • A Substitute player defined as a player not rostered on a team that is asked to play for another team in their town.  These “substitute” players will not be allowed to pitch for the team for which they are a substitute player.  
  • BATs:  Same rules as before, composite bats are allowed
  • Station to Station base advancement is now allowed for the 9-10 Division (see below)
  • Each town is to assemble their own team and is expected not to “stack” any team. Any player with above average to exceptional skill may play as long as the league is notified and he is approved to play in the league

    Our goal is to allow each team to complete their season. For the play-offs we ask that each town Representative inform the league if a team in your town will need multiple substitute players in the play-offs. We also ask that that a Manager using a substitute player(s) in the play-offs informs the opposing Manager that they are using a substitute player(s) and identify such player(s). In the spirit of the league try to keep from stacking any play-off team with substitute players.
  • No limits to rosters, although each town is asked to be reasonable
  • Pitching limited to 3 innings per game, no back to back days, and 6 innings per week (weeks start on Sunday and end on Saturday).  Pitching automatically resets when the play-offs begin.
  • Unlimited visits to the mound by coach/manager, however if said visits are becoming disruptive to the game, the other manager can ask for a side bar with ump and other manger to encourage manager to remove pitcher, the ump will have final say that if excessive visiting slow the game, then a warning can be issued, that next visit will result in removal of pitcher.
  • For the 9-10 Division: 5 runs per inning, no continuation, except in the final inning where there is an unlimited runs allowed.

    For the 9-10 division we are introducing station to station base advancement. The run limit rules are still in place. Players can advance on the bases either as a steal, pass ball or overthrow, but only one base at time. Stealing home, or advancing to home is now allowed. Ex., Runners on 2nd and 3rd. A pass ball happens on the pitch, 3rd can go home, 2nd can only advance to the next base. Further advancement will not happen till the pitcher has the ball and either pitches the ball, or attempts to pick off a runner- Again only one base at a time. The Leagues goal is to help the players experience more baseball without turning the games into a track meet. As the season progresses Please give us feedback on this rule change.
  • 9-10 Division:: No contact with the catcher, ball must cross plate before you can steal, no leading.
  • For the 11-12 Division:: Unlimited runs per innings but in the spirit our league we ask the managers and coaches to not let any game get too out of hand. 
  • 11-12 Division:: Unlimited steals, can steal home, ball must cross plate before you can steal, no leading.
  • No infield fly rule
  • Ball is dead when pitcher has one foot on the mound, continuation of the on-going play to be determined by the umpire.
  • No contact: slide to avoid contact. If no contact is made, no penalty.
  • Game limit of 2 hours, if 2 hour limit is about to be reached then need to finish inning.  If longer time permits, then two head coaches and umpire must all be in agreement to keep playing.
  • 4 innings constitutes a complete game. 3 ½ if home team is winning.
  • No Slaughter rule in the Regular season. Our intent is to let the teams finish their games, unless the losing Manager concedes the game or the Umpire calls the game due to darkness or weather related safety issues.  The League directorship reserves the right to reinstall a slaughter rule for the play-offs.
  • A team can play with 8 field members, but less than 8 will constitute a forfeit
  • For 9-10 Division: 10 players may play in the field however the 4 outfielders must play across the outfield; there is no "short" outfield position.
  • For 11-12 Division: 9 players play the field.
  • All bats must be single walled and approved  12 and younger, no  big barrel bats, composite bats are allowed
  • Face masks are not mandatory
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